Rocking Chair Stories

A little over a year ago, Marlo & Co was asked to take photos at our county wide celebration of everyone that is a 100 years old or older.  After I edited these photos, I was admiring a picture that I had taken.  In those moments I realized it was one of the most beautiful pictures that I had taken.  My thoughts then went to how we celebrate many milestones through photography in our lives such as a wedding, a birth and family photos.  Why do we not celebrate our seniors and the legacy that they have?  Marlo & Co truly believes that our seniors should not be forgotten but that they should be celebrated.

Rocking Chair Stories celebrate the seniors in our lives.  Marlo and Co creates a relationship with the individual to capture their story in words and photos.  A book is created from the individual’s story and photos in it.  The book leaves their legacy in a book that can be cherished for years to come.