Monthly Archives: September 2017

Fixing Others

Too often we think we have to fix others.  So often we think we need to have answer for someone’s struggle in life.  When we think we can fix someone, we are being prideful.  And what right do we have to think we can fix someone when we have not created the person?  When a creator creates something, they know the ins and outs of that creation.  God knows everything about His creations and knows how to heal the hurt and pain that needs healing.  I have been reminded recently that I was not created to fix a situation or a person.  I was created to walk beside them in their journey and empower them not lead their journey.  Even when I can not fix anything about the situation or the person.

It is through walking the journey of life with someone that relationships are tested and the result of this usually they become stronger than they were before.  We are called to walk in the trenches of life’s moments even when you have no idea how help someone and when it is messy.  And we may feel inadequate.  This is when we learn to lean on God for guidance and strength.

It is in these moments when we don’t know what to do it is God to shows up.  We have to be open hearing His voice.  Sometimes He will provide the answers and other times He gives us the strength to walk the journey.  Jesus walked in the trenches of life with people to show them that they matter to their heavenly Father.  Through the journey of walking with people and leaning on God, this is also when our relationship with God gets stronger.  Because sometimes He is the only being heavenly and earthly strength that we can lean on.

Walking that journey with each person and situation in our life will look different.  Sometimes we need to just be in a moment with someone and not say a word because words are not adequate.  Sometimes it means to do a task with someone.  Sometimes it means to be ok with not having answers or solution for their struggles.  Sometimes it is pointing the person to their Creator.  Sometimes it is showing love over and over again even when it is not reciprocated.

When we realize that we are not called to fix anyone, it takes the pressure off of us.  It allows to walk the journey with people in freedom.  And we don’t need to worry about finding that solution because their Creator will be the one to provide what they need.

Who in your life have you been trying to fix?  And how has that affected your relationship with them?  Who in your life do you need to walk beside them in their journey?