Monthly Archives: March 2018

He listens!

Recently God has shown me that He listens to everything I say or think even the smallest things.  A week before Valentine’s Day this year, I wrote down in my planner a desire that I had “God, I want flowers for Valentine’s Day and I didn’t care where they came from.”  I did not tell anyone about this desire or thought. Normally I don’t care about Valentine’s Day and whether I get something or not.  The morning of Valentine’s Day, when I came into work and there was a ceramic flower on my desk from a coworker. I did not have time to process it till later on in the morning.  Once I did I realized that God gave me the flower I wanted through my coworker!  As I was getting to head out of the office for a meeting later on, my CEO came into my office and gave me a real yellow rose. He had bought a rose for all his female staff for Valentine’s Day.  So not only did God fulfill my desire for a flower once but twice in one day!  

He listens to us and cares about even the smallest things like me wanting flowers. The ceramic flower will always be a reminder to me that God does listen to me.